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Episode 2 - Marley

January 12, 2018


We often believe that fearless is a state of being that only a lucky few attain. But this interview challenges us to think about the flowering of fearlessness in our lives rather than an end point. Can we be fearless when we have health challenges? financial woes? feel anything but fearless? Can we be fearless AND uncertain about what's next? Is that, in fact, what it really means to be fearless?


Other ideas discussed:
• What does being fearless mean? 
• Depression as an impetus for spiritual growth 
• Difference between self-isolation and alone time
• Going from earning six figures to the welfare office
• Breaking free from being defined by what we have vs who we are
• Why life doesn't unfold linearly for everyone, especially the spiritually awake, aware and curious
• Looking within as therapy for both learning and healing



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