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Episode - Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery

Being fearless differs for different people. Dr. Terrlyn invites us to see the fearlessness is learning to trust again after being hurt as equal to the fearlessness it takes to start a business or change jobs. It becomes clear that the one who is fearless is the one has the courage to step into the unknown and is willing to risk being uncomfortable.

To be spiritually awake, aware or curious is disruptive. There are moments that require us to make decisions that reorient our lives and the people in it. A decision to answer a "calling", even if we are secure that this is God's purpose and plan for our lives, doesn't guarantee easy passage. How, then, do we do what we are called to do without sacrificing the dreams and callings of those we love? How do we heed the call when those closest to us may not understand why we'd risk losing what we have worked so hard to obtain?

Terrlyn tells us that being fearless doesn't mean walking on somebody else's dreams. It's a reminder that to not allow the zealousness that comes when we start to realize the divine within us to blind us to the needs of others or to the need to ground ourselves in everyday life. We reach for the divine to live a better life, not to escape life.

p.s. We keep it really, really real.

Other ideas discussed:

• What does it mean to be fearless?

• Practical faith

• Being uncomfortable as a necessity to fearlessness

• The role of the church and helping those who have been wounded by religion

• What it means when someone says, "God always comes first in my life," and what we hear if someone says it to us

• Why spiritually evolved people must prioritize meeting others where they are rather than expecting others to adapt to your ways of talking, engaging, etc.

Being so heavenly bound that you're not no earthly good

• How fear of tapping into the divine, sacred or spirit within manifests itself

• When the "call" is a bigger responsibility than we ever thought possible or required for us

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery is the creator of Pastology, the cutting edge field that focuses on the synergy between pastoring and psychology. She holds a Ph.D. from Hofstra University and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University. She calls herself pastologist, speaker and facilitator of advanced therapy and workshops.

​She places the emphasis on your journey toward sacred intelligence: your ability to tap into your internal source in order to move toward intelligent choices. Those choices are intended to honor the Sacred and help you manifest your greatness, while simultaneously embracing the humanity of those around you.

Dr. Curry Avery believes that ‘relating’ on both a spiritual and human level is crucial to helping your life flow in a positive direction. The journey towards your sacred intelligence enlightens you, and as you nurture your relationships, allows you to live out your full potential. You can find out more by visiting her website: www.sacredintelligence.com