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This program is a sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention training for high school students that focuses on creating healthy relationships.

Young people are inundated with the many unhealthy ways that men and women relate, but have little or no exposure, encouragement, or opportunity to explore healthy ways of relating to each other as friends and intimate partners. These unhealthy ways of relating manifest among and between young adults whether they identify as gay, straight, or transgender, and can only evolve if gender equality cultivates the humanity and soul of each and all.

In Healthy Relating: Fixing Gender Inequality in Friendship, Intimacy & Sex, we provide a balanced view to help youth understand, talk about, and transform how they relate to each other. We guide students through four phases that include:

  • Understanding Gendered Behaviors and Expectations

  • Identifying How Conflict With Gendered Norms Increases Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence 

  • Transforming School Cultures into Cultures of Belonging

  • Becoming Influencers 


We acknowledge that sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention training is much needed today. However, we also want to empower youth and the adults they encounter in their daily lives to take responsibility for the conditioned gendered ways we relate, and take the necessary steps to change themselves, each other, and the larger culture.

This training is our pathway to build an equal, just, and inclusive society for all.

For more information on starting this program at your school or district, please contact us below:


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