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Episode - Alicia Isaac

Updated: Sep 9

Alicia Isaac is a spiritual coach. But she didn't always use her intuitive gift in this way. Like everyone else, she worked a regular job until one day she found herself crying at work and unable to stop. At first, she tried to push through and suck it up because that's what people expect us to do. But, as a single mom with bills to pay, she had a decision to make. This is her story on becoming #peakfearless.

Alicia discusses what happened after that day at work and the forgotten gifts that she began to reclaim after she stepped or was launched into the unknown. This conversation pushes us to think about the impact fear of what others think or say about us has on us not becoming who we are or want to be. How often do we find ourselves demanding something new before we are willing to let go of the old—way of life, relationship, career, person we think we are.

Other ideas discussed: • How to recognize you're living in fear • The inner turmoil that results when we fight to stay in relationships or circumstances when something is urging us to let go • It's only when life begins to unravel that we come face to face with the NOW • CAUTION! Rebelling against uncertainty sucks. • Why being fearless is an effect of life choices rather than the cause • How crisis leads to happiness • How to deal with close family and friends when they are either antagonistic or indifferent to your spiritual awakening. • What it means to look within

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