Taisha lalanai rucker

About Me

Taisha Lalanai Rucker is the founder of Peak Fearless.


Her first book, Full Disclosure: How to Quit Practicing Law with No Savings, Massive Debt, No Supportive Spouse, and Not a Single Clue About What’s Next chronicles several early life crises, which upended the life she had planned and who she thought she was and was becoming. Rather than attach herself to a new, albeit static, identity, she embraced fearless living or what she calls peak fearless.


Peak Fearless means that we accept crises and obstacles as a natural part of life. It also means understanding that, whether we are conscious of it or not, evolution is happening. We are continuously growing in one direction or another. Sometimes we grow inward, at other times, we grow outward, which means that there are times when our growth is tangible and obvious to others, and other times when it is elusive, vague and indeterminate. And in either condition, we grow.


To be peak fearless, then, evokes an understanding that God has a plan for humanity, we are an integral part of that plan and we are committed to purposely cooperating with it.

Taisha is insatiably curious and her perspective on life is broad and deep, which equips her to talk to people from anywhere about just about anything and offer some sage advice on what life is trying to teach us through the crises and obstacles we experience. She interviews interesting people for the Peak Fearless podcast. She is also writing a book by the same name.


She's a student of the Ageless Wisdom, a nature lover and teen boy whisperer! She loves humanity and, therefore, loves to serve.


In addition, she is a native of Nashville, TN (by way of Atlanta), earned a BA/JD from the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, eats vegan, loves spicy foods and carrot cake and believes that 8:30 pm is an optimal bedtime at any age.

You can follow her on:

Twitter: @taisharucker | @peak_fearless